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Grro helps you reach new sympathetic audiences where they're listening by placing recommendation ads on matched podcasts. So, you can be more effective with your marketing campaigns and budgets.

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Marketing podcasts is hard!

  • Social ads convert poorly

    Social media users don’t pause to listen to podcasts. They’ll follow you but not listen.

  • Dynamic audio ads miss the mark

    No control where your ad is placed. Listeners will get alienated and skip or ignore it.

  • Partnering is a time suck

    Days of research to vet podcasts to partner with. Then weeks just to place a single ad.

Marketing tailored for your podcasts

enhanced with Grro AI

  • Reach ears

    Capture listeners' attention with a well placed recommendation ad run during another podcast.
  • Perfect matches

    Grro AI analyses audience listening patterns to find perfect ad matches — listeners who will love your podcast.
  • Smarter ads

    Let Grro handle it all — comms to ad placement, leaving you with valuable ad performance insights.

We're just as picky as you are

Only run recommendations ads on podcasts with sizeable audiences and quality content. From the super niche to podcast giants, you'll be proud you're associated with them.


Data driven and transparent

Grro considers several criteria to price impression costs for a recommendation ad.

For example

Imagine you're promoting your Cloud Computing podcast.

On a Devops match ...

Base rate

Priced at 3 cents per impression.

Marketing reach

1K+ shows adds an extra 0.3 cents per impression.

Viral reach

Medium for Devops, adds 1.5 cents per impression.

Total price: 4.8 cents per impression.

Impressions pricing


Impressions pricing


Impressions pricing


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Frequently asked questions

    • Why has Grro not offered me any matches that overlap with my audience?

      Our algorithms rely on specific metrics and criteria for a comprehensive audience analysis of your show. Unfortunately, based on the available data, we don't currently have sufficient information to uncover suitable matches. This often occurs in the early stages of your podcasting journey or if your audience is highly niche.

    • What should I do to increase my chances of getting audience relevant matches?

      As your podcast continues to grow and attracts a diverse audience, your chances of receiving recommendations from Grro also increase. Explore our curated tips to help you expand your audience.

    • What is the minimum criteria for my podcast to get matches that overlap with my audience on Grro?

      There isn’t a minimum requirement that can be quantified in numbers. We use engagement indicators from across the web to understand your audience’s listening habits. Then, our algorithms map this input into connections within the Podcast ecosystem. So, if your podcast does not have enough of these indicators we can’t offer you any matches.

    • What about my download numbers?

      We do not yet collect download numbers to power our match engine. However, later, we intend to collect them to understand the minimum number of listeners required for optimal targeting. The download number will be weighted by other download numbers in your niche. So, 1000 downloads could be good enough in an extremely niche topic space. But, in a popular space this could be more.